A ghostwriter is, at once, a creative artist, a project manager, a best friend and confidante, a therapist, an industry insider, a publishing guide, a writing and life coach, a mentor, and a business person.”

~ Claudia Suzanne


If you’re looking for what, exactly, a ghostwriter does for a manuscript, it’d be impossible to simplify into a one page answer, let alone one sentence. For the simple version, read Why You Need A Ghostwriter


Q: What are your ghostwriting rates?
A: That depends on the project. I never quote before I read – it’s one of my cardinal rules. However, if you insist on a ballpark figure, it will cost somewhere between $500 and $150,000.


Q: Are there any prices you CAN give me ahead of time?
A: Yes. An A&R costs $500. A proposal for a standard non-fiction book costs $5,000. Mentoring or consultation are $150/hr.


Q: How long does an A&R take?
A: In general it will take me a week to read the material and put the report together. Our discussion of it may take significantly longer.


Q: How long does a Proposal take?
A: About six weeks to do a complete proposal.


Q: What is a proposal?
A: A proposal is the document you send to a publisher or agent. You cannot land a major publishing contract without an agent, and no legitimate publisher, (large or small) or agent will even consider reading through an unsolicited manuscript. You must, must, must send a proposal first.


Q: What is an A&R?
A: A&R stands for Analysis and Recommendation. I read your manuscript, go over the material with a fine tooth comb, and give you a written report of what the manuscript does and doesn’t need, and exactly how to fix what needs fixing. This also tends to involve a very long conversation and consultation about said issues and also what you thought were issues but in actual fact are perfect just the way they are.


Q: Isn’t is unethical to have someone write my book for me?
A: Absolutely not. I do not do any of the research, these are not my ideas, concepts, characters, points, or concepts. It’s not my knowledge, it’s yours. My skill, your BOOK.


Q: I don’t really want to share credit.
A: That’s fine because I don’t take any. The book has your name and only your name. I take none of the royalties or advance. My fees are for the work I do, and only the work I do. I don’t put my name on your book.


Q: What if I want to credit you as my editor?
A: No, but thank you. I don’t put my name on your book.


Q: What kind of training do you have?
A: Actually, the only kind there is. I earned my certification from LCI, a division of Wambtac Communications LLC, in a program named, appropriately enough, Ghostwriter Certification Training. I was one of the lucky ones able to work directly with Claudia Suzanne, the program’s creator, as I understand that starting this coming semester, the program will be offered through Cal State Long Beach, and no longer available privately.


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