No Easy Day

Sep 4, 2012 by

I’d expound on the dangers of publishing a book when, say, Langly or the Pentagon are already threatening legal action should you do so, but instead, I’m just going to link you to an excellent article at The...

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Courting The Flame

Jul 10, 2012 by

The book came out June 22nd, and I’m a bit late on the ball here, but this is one of the most fascinating romances you will ever read. Diana DeCameron is a deeply compelling writer, and having met with her I must say, an absolutely enchanting woman. If you don’t really read romance, this is still a book to check out – it doesn’t quite fit the formula, and I feel the book’s all the better for it. Check out the synopsis and back cover at Muse It...

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Meet The Annas: A Musical Novel...

Jul 6, 2012 by

Today’s free Nook book brings up an interesting question: What do we expect from e-books today? When I saw the title, my mind instantly assumed there was some kind of media associated with the book, and I found myself a bit disappointed when I read the description and it turned out to be a simple title twist. I was excited about the idea of a musical novel, without even having known what to expect. So what would that have meant? Would it have been like a musical, with random pages playing songs instead of showing text? Would it have been like a pop-up book, with music or video you could play when reaching the end of each page, or the start of each chapter? Would there simply have been a musical interlude in the middle of...

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Pablo Neruda

Jun 8, 2012 by

We don’t read a lot of translated books around these parts–these parts being the US. Only around 3% of what we read here is translated text; mostly, US readers either read books in their original language, which is often English, but not always. We’re not savages, many US citizens are indeed bilingual (yes, including me – I speak Hebrew, though I learned it against my will. It was required of any Jewish child in my family). We’ll get into why I don’t call us Americans at a later date. That is not a rant for today. Today I am sharing a fascinating article about book translation and how amazing a job it is. When you translate a book, you dig deep into the meaning of the author, you almost delve into their mind. I...

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Buh Bye, M.S.

May 16, 2012 by

I’m very excited about an upcoming book by my mentor, Claudia Suzanne, called Buh Bye, M.S., a true-life story of how she overcame and god rid of Multiple Sclerosis. Claudia had chronic-progressive M.S. for most of her life and through a series of seemingly ridiculous circumstances and a lot of argument and determination, she managed to somehow rid her body of the disease entirely. The pre-order page just went up, and I highly suggest you head over and check it out, if for no other reason than that the pre-order comes with a free digital...

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