Meet The Annas: A Musical Novel

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Meet The Annas: A Musical Novel

Today’s free Nook book brings up an interesting question: What do we expect from e-books today?

When I saw the title, my mind instantly assumed there was some kind of media associated with the book, and I found myself a bit disappointed when I read the description and it turned out to be a simple title twist. I was excited about the idea of a musical novel, without even having known what to expect.

So what would that have meant? Would it have been like a musical, with random pages playing songs instead of showing text? Would it have been like a pop-up book, with music or video you could play when reaching the end of each page, or the start of each chapter?

Would there simply have been a musical interlude in the middle of the book?

And why did I expect that? If I’d seen the book in a bookstore, I would have just assumed it was a quirky title. It wouldn’t have even crossed my mind that there might be actual sound files embedded into the book itself somehow. But when looking at something I might use an e-reader for, the idea was instantly there in my mind.

It’s an interesting concept, and does bring to light the changing industry – it may be that our expectations are changing drastically, and the concept of a simple book that you read with a tablet may soon not be enough to keep the public’s interest.

Either way, the book is free today for the Nook, and actual music or not, it looks like a good read.

Meet The Annas: A Musical Novel Via ClipperGirl

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