When to write a book, pt 1- Retirement

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When to write a book, pt 1- Retirement
There are key points in life when one of the best things you can do is write a book. The most obvious is, when you retire – you’ve now lived a seriously exciting story, and now you have all that free time on your hands. In a few months, you’ve done all those things you swore to yourself you’d do when you had the time to do them, and now you’re bored. Really, you cannot watch one more daytime soap. It’s going to drive you insane. You want to DO something. You want to be productive again. You want that feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day, and that book of stamps is now getting really, really full.

Write a book – tell your story. Your family would love the legacy. Your friends will love the read. And getting it all out will feel so very, very good. And what if while you’re writing it you realize something about yourself? You could come to the sudden realization that you’re an expert at something and you never noticed – how many people have you solved that problem for? Goodness, it must be twenty now! You never noticed that everyone asks you about it! Maybe you need to write another book, explaining how to do this!

Oh, and maybe you could give talks about doing it – teach a lot of people, one on one, how. That second book would sell great at the back of the room, if you could get it done.

Books are amazing tools. They communicate, in depth, with a vast audience across the world. The share ideas, hopes, dreams, loves, and failures and give you a sense of community and connection with a global consciousness few people are able to tap into. They’re a legacy to leave your family, a source of pride sitting on the shelf, a testament to a brilliant mind and a gentle soul.

And after six months of retirement, they’re something to get you away from the TV, which is now driving you absolutely batty.

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