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Stress is an ever-present issue in today’s world. Stress, and the soapy smell of kitty litter–at least if you’re a writer.

Most people consider themselves stressed in general, and that’s not the best state of being we could have, as an overall rule. We should be relaxed, happy, or even just “alright”. But we’re not, we’re stressed. No author has ever come to me and said “I want to write this book, but time’s no issue. Let’s take it nice and slow, a year or two, I like to do things leisurely.” No, authors, like everyone else, want their product as soon as possible.

Thus today’s real topic: chocolate. Or more specifically, M&Ms.

Chocolate is a writer’s best friend. Some may claim cats are, but they’re probably lying or trying to meet some unseen idyllic standard, because honestly, all my cats do is get in my way. And type for me. And rub against my monitor when I’m trying to get that paragraph finished. Or nuzzle my mouse so I accidentally select the entire document instead of just a few lines, and then when I yell at them to move, they walk across the keyboard and delete it all, then close the document and save it so I can’t ever get it back.

In such a situation, chocolate is wonderful.

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